12th National Congress on Civil Engineering

Comparison of Time Delays Models at Unsaturated Signalized Intersections (in Farsi)

I am glad to announce that our paper on comparison of time delays models at unsaturated signalized intersections has been presented in 12 National Congress on Civil Engineering. In this paper different approaches for calculation of control time delay including macroscopic simulation, microscopic simulation, Webster model, and Akcelik model were employed for Akbari-Salehi intersection in Tehran. The results were compared with the control time delays, calculated using HCM survey method. The results obtained from microscopic simulation (Vissim software) and Akcelik model showed almost accurate prediction of control time delays considering the results obtained from the survey.

Authors: Masih Beheshti, Sarvin Molayee Nasab, Mohammad Sadeghi, Pegah Amini, Homa Motovalian, and Habib Allah Nassiri

This paper is currently available in Civilica.com

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